Behavioral Healthcare Patient Navigation

From coordinating care to advocating for the patients needs, a behavioral healthcare navigator can help you with every step of your treatment and recovery journey.

When an individual is diagnosed with a substance use disorder or other mental health issue they oftentimes have no idea how to determine what to do next. Battling a health concern is challenging enough, add to that the stress and anxiety navigating the healthcare system can bring and it’s no wonder more people don’t get the help they need.

Apogee can help.

Behavioral Healthcare Patient Navigation

Behavioral Healthcare Patient Navigation Services

We work with individuals and their families or the organizations they work for to help ensure they have access to the very best and right type of treatment for their unique needs. From determining the level of care to finding the right treatment providers, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

How it Works

We’ll help you find solutions to your problems, prepare you for any challenges that may come up, teach you effective communication skills and give you the information you need to get what you want from the healthcare system.

From care coordinator to patient advocacy, we can help with:
  • Researching treatment providers and facilities on your behalf.
  • Equipping you with the right information to understand the medical terminologies and resources available.
  • Accompanying the individual to the facility or finding someone locally to help coordinate transportation.
  • Communicating with family members on behalf of the patient.
  • Treatment and aftercare planning.

At times healthcare navigation focuses on assessing whether or not your loved one needs more support, while at other times the focus is on supporting a family during the treatment process or looking at how to structure a life in recovery.

Support for Families

Patient Navigators can help families lower their stress so they can more effectively help manage their loved ones’ care. We’re here to not only help the individual who needs treatment, but the entire family that supports them too!

We understand that you have your own concerns and needs and we are here to help address for you as well. We will work together to develop a plan of healing for the entire family system.

Support for Families
Support for Employers

Families are not the only ones impacted by an individual’s behavioral health issue. One in five adults in the U.S. will experience a mental illness each year, yet only one in three who need help will get it.

With a patient navigator in place to assist your staff, your HR director is freed up from the time consuming (and sometimes stressful) job of helping an individual find the right behavioral treatment they need. HR departments are often not trained or experienced in assisting individuals with mental health issues, which also often means employees are simply not getting the right care. Together we can do better.

The potential benefits of supporting employee mental health include:

Increased Productivity
Research suggests that employees treated for depression are more productive at work. And some studies indicate that treatment of depression reduces absenteeism and presenteeism by as much as 40 to 60 percent.

Increased Retention
In a recent survey of more than 1,500 employees nationwide, more than a third of the respondents said they had left a job due at least in part to mental health issues. Of these, 59 percent said mental health was the primary reason for their departure.

Lower Health Care and Disability Fees
The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that adults with serious mental illnesses are twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Simply said? The cost of an organization doing nothing for their employees is higher than investing in evidence-based prevention and help finding the individual the right treatments.

Contact Apogee System Consultants to see how we can help you, your loved one or member of your staff navigate the confusing behavioral healthcare space.

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