Healthcare Management Consulting Services

Healthcare Management Consulting Services

Each of our healthcare clients have different business needs and different regulatory requirements that vary from state to state, across the country and sometimes around the world. We partner with you to uncover and address your own set of unique needs and challenges.

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to make organizational improvements succeed, and we’re always ready to help you move forward.

Executive Recruiting Services

Is your healthcare company ready to make a change? Trying to fill a void? Looking for an expert? We’ve been helping companies build their teams for over 26 years. Now we can help you. With the business of healthcare constantly evolving, we can find you the talent your company needs to be successful.

If you need an experienced stand in for an executive level position our Lead Consultant, Jim Haggerty, can be retained to fill in while helping you recruit a permanent hire. If Jim is not available we have other contacts and colleagues that can fill specific roles in a temporary capacity.

Revenue Cycle Assessments And Advice

We use our revenue cycle assessment services to help your organization become more profitable. We do this by getting rid of duplicate billing along with helping you avoid delayed payments and denied insurance claims, all of which can significantly damage the financial health of your business, as well as your ability to thrive and grow. We advise you on all of the complexities and headaches of your billing and payment processes, freeing you up to get back to focusing on office operations and face-to-face time with your patients and staff.

Strategic Marketing Development

Our integrated marketing services have a reputation for excellence in the field of healthcare. We offer a variety of services from traditional advertising and public relations to search engine optimization, content marketing and social media management. Our goal is to develop customized marketing solutions designed to promote your brand, increase visibility and generate awareness among your target audience for maximum ROI. We use specific measurable tools to provide our clients monthly reports that show the growth and deliverables that were targeted.

Operations And Business Process Optimization

Today’s world requires organizations to be more effective, efficient and competitive than ever before. In order to stay ahead, today’s companies must understand and manage the fast-evolving causes of business inefficiencies, such as globalization, virtualization, technology changes and consumerism. As a full service consulting firm, we help clients evaluate their business processes, identify content gaps and implement change management strategies that improve overall performance by creating an efficient and streamlined workflow.

Information Technology And Data Analytics

We build a scalable, steady and sustainable Business Intelligence and Analytics infrastructure to support the targeted growth, diversification and operational excellence objectives identified in your strategic plan. We provide expert leadership through all phases of a technology solution, from RFP development to system optimization.

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