Healthcare Management Consulting and Patient Navigation Services

Healthcare businesses and patients alike need assistance when it comes to navigating the sometimes confusing system. Apogee System Consultants was formed to help both organizations and those they aim to serve by offering a solution to help address these challenges.

Our deep experience and exceptional network of providers allows us create a plan for success and evaluate results along the way. We understand that responsiveness and lots of actionable insight are what moves improvements forward.

Healthcare Management Consulting Services

Apogee is a management consulting company that can help you through every stage of developing your behavioral healthcare organization. The vision for Apogee came from our founder who had previously been involved in the launch of several treatment centers. He developed a set of actionable consulting services for businesses who are opening up a new facility to established organizations who need help filling a void, fixing an issue or developing out new operational systems. If you want excellent, patient-first care for your patients and a smooth running operation, we have options and expertise to assist you.

Patient And Family Health Navigation Services

A behavioral health navigator ensures that everyone has access to the available healthcare treatments regardless of any perceived barriers, including (but not limited to) insurance roadblocks, lack of insurance, poor health literacy, lack of transportation, child care, and much more. A patient and family health navigator knows which resources area families can take advantage of, and point them where they need to be. By doing so, a navigator can reduce health disparities and costs while elevating healthcare outcomes and boosting engagement. It’s an important role for any organization to fulfill, because inaccessibility is a serious problem in today’s healthcare landscape.

Executive And Employee Wellness Retreats

Addiction Treatment CEO’s and other high-level executives as well as “teams” are not immune to extreme stress and mental health issues. We can help place you and your employees in a Wellness Retreat for an individualized “getaway” to help promote self-care, teamwork to increase effectiveness and provide the intangible that sets healthy, strong and effective teams in a position to excel.

We work with an exclusive, unique organization in NJ to provide the custom team building experience. The goal is to leverage your professional team’s strengths and encourage building on weaknesses for a well-rounded team. This organization also provides a customized day that helps you execute your strategy leaning in as you want to and leaning on the experienced professionals.

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