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I had the pleasure of working with Jim at an inpatient addiction treatment center in Waldorf, MD. He was my hiring CEO and mentor for my role as Executive Director, so, during our time together I was able to get to know him quite well. Jim’s management style is extremely accessible. He is a very hands-on administrator and has a fearless approach in business development, strategic growth, contract negotiations and staff development. If you are considering hiring Jim, I can say with extreme confidence that he will be an asset to your business and bring success to any organization in which he is affiliated.

Adina Levi
Deputy Director-Chief Program Officer, DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS)

Our Healthcare and Addiction Rehab Management Consulting Services

Each of our healthcare and addiction rehab clients have different business needs and different regulatory requirements that vary from state to state, across the country and sometimes around the world. We partner with you to uncover and address these challenges. Our deep experience helps us create a plan for success and evaluate results along the way. We understand that responsiveness and lots of actionable insight are what moves improvements forward.

Whether your business is in the planning stage or operational, we bring you a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you reach and create positive outcomes.

Range of industries

Travel and Aviation
Business Services
Consumer Products
Financial Services
Transport & Logistics

Executive Recruiting Services

Is your healthcare company ready to make a change? Trying to fill a void? Looking for an expert? We’ve been helping companies build their teams for over 26 years. Now we can help you. With the business of healthcare constantly evolving, we can find you the talent your company needs to be successful.

If you need an experienced stand in for an executive level position our Lead Consultant, Jim Haggery, can be retained to fill in while helping you recruit a permanent hire. If Jim is not available we have other contacts and colleagues that can fill specific roles in a temporary capacity.

James Haggerty - Pro Headshot

Management Consulting Services

Apogee is a management consulting company that can help you through every stage of developing your treatment facility business. The vision for Apogee came from our founder who had previously been involved in the launch of several treatment centers. He developed a set of actionable consulting services for businesses acumen and culture while starting a clinic. If you want excellent, holistic care for your patients, we have options and expertise to assist you.

Research beyond the business plan

Our integrated marketing services have a reputation for excellence in the field of healthcare. We offer a variety of services from traditional advertising and public relations to search engine optimization, content marketing and social media management. Our goal is to develop customized marketing solutions designed to promote your brand, increase visibility and generate awareness among your target audience for maximum ROI.  We use specific measurable tools to provide our clients monthly reports that show the growth and deliverables that were targeted.

Today’s world requires organizations to be more effective, efficient and competitive than ever before. In order to stay ahead, today’s companies must understand and manage the fast-evolving causes of business inefficiencies, such as globalization, virtualization, technology changes and consumerism. As a full service consulting firm, we help clients evaluate their business processes, identify content gaps and implement change management strategies that improve overall performance by creating an efficient and streamlined workflow.

We build a scalable, steady and sustainable Business Intelligence and Analytics infrastructure to support the targeted growth, diversification and operational excellence objectives identified in your strategic plan. We provide expert leadership through all phases of a technology solution, from RFP development to system optimization.

Addiction Treatment CEO’s and other high-level executives as well as “teams” are not immune to extreme stress and mental health issues. We can help place you and your employees in a Wellness Retreat for an individualized “getaway” to help promote self-care, teamwork to increase effectiveness and provide the intangible that sets healthy, strong and effective teams in a position to excel.

We work with an exclusive, unique organization in NJ to provide the custom team building experience. The goal is to leverage your professional team’s strengths and encourage building on weaknesses for a well-rounded team. This organization also provides a customized day that helps you execute your strategy leaning in as you want to and leaning on the experienced professionals.

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