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Helping the healthcare industry navigate change.

Our vision is to help behavioral health providers do honest, ethical, proficient and professional work. Learn More

Why Treatment Centers Choose Apogee System Consultants

Because of our relationships in the industry, our reputation, and the trust we’ve built over many years, we are able to reach qualified experts and place them quickly. We are conscientious in our choice of candidates, matching programs and company culture with the right person for each position.

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Apogee provides expert consulting services in all areas of business management, systems and company culture. From treatment facility startups to established businesses, we have experience at every level. We offer an array of services that can benefit any company with a vision of developing or redeveloping their treatment center.

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We understand that the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry needs a professional, well researched marketing strategy from experts who have experience in this space. We take a holistic approach to marketing by offering a number of organic and paid solutions to meet your short and long term needs.

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Above all, we believe we can make a difference by supporting people and businesses who are focused on helping individuals overcome addiction. We are passionate about recovery as we have been through it ourselves and it is now our mission to give back, any way we can.

Jim Haggerty, our Senior Consultant, has over 26 years of experience helping other professionals in the addiction treatment space succeed.

Apogee About


Our Core Values


We believe in having strong ethical principles and following them at all times, no matter who’s watching. All decisions are made with the most vulnerable in mind.


You need long-term, favorable relationships with your clients in order to build a successful business. Our approach considers your immediate and long-term needs.

People First

Companies are increasingly realizing the power of creating people-centric organizations that value the happiness of employees as much as the bottom line.

Privacy And Safety

Treatment centers need to operate with discretion at all times. We value and uphold the privacy and safety of you, your staff and your patients at all times.

Quality Services

Down to the smallest detail, we care about quality in all things. By empowering your team with the tools they need to operate efficiently, we elevate the level of service you can provide.

Innovative Solutions

We ensure your systems, processes and tools are optimized and integrated to work together to provide your company with the most efficient solution on the market today.

Continuous Improvements

Every business can benefit from on-going audits, regular assessments and evaluations. From marketing to staffing, we believe in marking improvements part of the strategy.

Operational Excellence

When a company works towards excellence in all things, amazing things happen! By working out operational issues you can achieve a stronger foundation for your brand.

Addiction News & Resources

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